Possible benefits

> Relieves pain 

> Increases blood flow

> Reduces fatigue 

> Cool hands and feet

> Muscle Tension 

> Detoxification

> Improves exercise performance 

> Increases immunity

Further Benefits of Far-infrared Sauna Improves exercise performance and poor blood flow. Reduces accumulated waste matter and assists weakened body temperature maintenance. Far Infra-red rays penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue and stimulate blood flow and provide relief from joint and muscle pain.

Did you know…Body temperature is important for health. As we age, waste matter is excreted more slowly. Also, blood flow may be reduced and the ability to maintain body temperature may be weakened. For joint and muscle pain in the lower back, stimulating blood flow, reducing fatigue and improving exercise performance Far-infra-red rays penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue, and may stimulate blood flow and provide relief from joint and muscle pain.

Efficacy of Germanium Supply of oxygen: it helps of an anti-oxidation, anti-aging and creation of new cell through supply of oxygen. 

Natural healing: it increases immunity which cause natural healing ability. And it helps on prevention of senile dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and age-spots. 

Strengthening immunity: it helps on prevention of diabetes, high blood pressure and adult disease by strengthening overall immunity.

Efficacy of far-infrared ray: By dilating, it propels blood circulation which strengthens metabolism and is effective on cell tissue regeneration. Effectiveness of anion: it prohibits oxidation of cell and effective on improvement of concentration and control of autonomic nervous system.  

Detoxification: By eliminating cholesterol, it purifies the blood and effective on excretion of heavy mineral.


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