“Shiatsu is the most therapeutic form of massage I know. And in nearly 20 years of massage, I have never experienced shiatsu better than Noah’s. His massage is not for the faint-hearted; but it is for people who truly want to feel the healing effects of shiatsu, and who want to know they’re in the hands of a master.”

Andrew O’Keefe  
Seven Network


“I have had regular shiatsu treatments with Noah for 6 years. Noah has helped me resolve long term posture issues, and avoid injury when training at higher intensity. The emotional relief from regular treatment has changed my life, Noah has a talent for healing. “Noah Therapy” is an essential part of my training schedule.”

James Henty
Personal Trainer/Triathlete


“I’ve intermittently suffered from severe back pain and when I arrived at Noah Therapy I was hobbling. An hour later I could place my hands flat on the floor from a standing position. When later recounting this experience to my husband I found words like sublime and transcendental tumbling out of me. Noah is a Shiatsu Master indeed. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

Zoe Coyle  


I have known Noah Lee for the last 9years. The first time that I had a shiatsu massage from Noah, it was clear that his technique was different from many shiatsu practitioners. Over the following years, Noah has continued to develop and refine his technique. I am a medical practitioner and do not necessarily understand the concepts of eastern medicine. However, Noah clearly has insight in to the human body and has provided me advice, which has proved to be fruitful and helped me a great deal. I’d highly recommend Noah to anybody for therapeutic massage and I’d listen carefully to his advice and would recommend that you follow it.

Prof. David A Brown
Westmead Hospital

I have known Noah for more than 10 years and during this period of time he has not only treated me but a vast number of my own patients who I have referred to him.

His professional service is impeccable. He has a true understanding of the mechanics as well as any additional physical factors which may influence the problem at hand. He is well experienced and has written several books on the art of Shiatsu as well as lecturing on the topic. I have no hesitation recommending him for treatment.

Dr Dennis Lowe
Ophthalmic Surgeon and Consultant Neurologist

“For the past 12 years I have experienced a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders from sitting at my desk and computer everyday. The worst part was that it affected my sleeping pattern and due to the lack of sleep it consequently affected me throughout the day.

No amount of massaging ever gave me relief for longer than the massage session. This is until I saw Noah. Noah was able to pinpoint several very painful spots in my back and he went to work on them. The neck got special treatment also. He was able to pinpoint the route of stress-induced aches that migrate upward and cause headaches, and he massaged those areas. I can actually say, my back, neck and shoulders feel normal and I am now sleeping throughout the night.

Noah is a gifted massage therapist, and his capacity for healing is the best I’ve experienced in my several years of receiving massage work. I think massage therapy is more than simply touching an area of the body in a specific way. What sets Noah’s work apart from the masses is his ability to reach deep within himself and create an emotional and often spiritual healing experience for the client. Noah has a great awareness of the body and really understands how to promote healing within it. He is a great massage therapist who I have referred many of my family and friends to. I cannot thank him enough.”

Mary Cimino

“For 10 months I had backache that no amount of conventional Physiotherapy, exercise or rest could cure and I was quite depressed. After just a few treatments from Noah my condition improved and it is now completely contained with regular treatments. I recommend his treatment wholeheartedly.”

Marion Dixon